Onewheel XR


Our latest shipment has just arrived and they’re ready to roll!


Onewheel XR

The latest and greatest model of the coolest way to cruise around town, trails, and pretty much anywhere else. The Onewheel XR has all the awesome features of the previous model, with the addition of double the battery life, to keep you ripping around for longer.

The Onewheel XR can handle pretty much anything, on-road, off-road, and everything in between. The controls are incredibly simple and intuitive; lean where you want to go and it’ll take you there! You can also hook your board up to the mobile app to get data on your riding, change ride modes, and hook up with other Onewheel riders.


  • Hypercore Brushless Motor
  • No Remote – Simply lean and go
  • Intelligent LED Lights – Colors adapt to your direction of movement
  • Crush Hills
  • Fast Charge
  • Stop on a Dime
  • 19mph/30kmph Top Speed
  • 12-18mi/19-29km Range
  • App Connected
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