Fidlock Hermetic Dry Bags


Dry storage for your phone, wallet, or keys has never been simpler! This dry bag seals it self and is totally waterproof.


Fidlock Hermetic Dry Bags

Fidlock Hermetic Dry Bags are 100% waterproof and seal automatically thanks to powerful magnets. Great for your phone, wallet, keys, or other valuables that you want to keep dry and safe on your adventures. Available in three sizes: Medi, Maxi, and Multi.

The HERMETIC dry bag medi is perfectly sized for smartphones. It will keep your phone, money, or documents dry and safe on all your adventures. Thanks to the touch-ready foil, full phone functionality allows the use of the phone while inside the bag. The clear version is perfect for pictures and selfies on the go.

The HERMETIC dry bag maxi is the perfect size if you are out and about with a few more items than you planned or if you have a smartphone in XL size with you. Even maps can be stored easily in your bag during a hike – of course so can more high tech GPS equipment.

The HERMETIC dry bag multi in purse size offers a lot of space: Through its large opening, you can be sure to find what you are looking for. Should the weather turn bad you can be assured that your valuables will stay safe and dry. The material is available in many color and fabric styles which can give your dry bag your own unique look.

  • For smartphone and valuables
  • 100% water and sand proof
  • Full phone functionality through case
  • No interference with electronics and cards
  • Lanyard included

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Medi, Maxi, Multi


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