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SIC SUP Deliveries!

Thanks to the promise of this delivery, we’re extra pumped for Spring 2021!
SIC SUP Collection – En Route to Coast Outdoors!


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5 Great reasons to be pumped for 2021:


Performance Profile:
The all NEW ATLANTIS is the latest addition to the SIC’s race category boards. Built for rough water, moderate to heavy down wind and swell conditions. Ideal for contests with conditions like the Canadian Ocean Racing Champs, Gorge Paddle Challenge, Carolina Cup, Gorge, M2M, and M2O.

The ATLANTIS is designed with a deep cockpit and high rail line, enabling great secondary stability while also mitigating water flow to the cockpit. It has a diamond-shaped tail, giving the boards excellent rail to rail stability, without losing the agility. This board can handle a big ocean swell and surf smoothly. The step channel was added to the bottom for directional tracking like its counterpart, the RS. This board features a single venturi drain integrated with the EZ-Grab handle to clear water that flows into the cockpit – quickly!

SIC Atlantis SUP Board Spec


Performance Profile:
The RS has become a favorite amogst paddlers of nearly all levels and garnered the prestigious SUP Connect “Race Board of The Year” award in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The RS has evolved further and been made even faster in flat / all-water conditions, and is substantially more durable. Although the refinements are slight, there’s a marked improvement in top-end speed. The nose has been pulled in slightly from the wide point giving it even better into-the-wind performance, acceleration, and top-end speed. The rail volume has been stacked back onto the top deck and shaped into a higher center peak to sheer water and pop up quicker when the nose punches through chop.

RS Series Board Spec


Performance Profile:

Victorious in prestigious races such as the M2O (Molokai2Oahu), M2M Challenge (Maui2Molokai Challenge), Olukai, and many more. The Bayonet boasts continuing open ocean dominance and perpetuates SIC’s legacy in downwind and channel crossings. As a World-class paddler, or advanced recreational paddler, the speed and handling you’ll experience is like no other.

Designed to be stable and plane early in lighter winds and smaller swells. Its lower rockered nose and bow design pierce through wind and chop with ease. More volume and deck contour were added to the decking to shed water and return swiftly to the surface when the nose pokes. Such strengths and features make it handy when paddling on bumps with a closer fetch, whether you are paddling on a lake or the Columbia River Gorge, where waves are tighter together than on an open ocean Maliko run in Maui.

SIC Bayonet SUP Board Spec


The highly-anticipated shape update of the Bullet series in 2020 did not let fans down. The Bullet is in a class of its own and one of the most versatile designs in the SIC paddleboarding range. The Bullet can do it all, and in addition to being a top level downwind board, it is designed to be a versatile fitness and touring board, that can drop-in and surf ocean swell as well as beach and point breaks. The Bullet has earned a reputation as being the Swiss Army Knife of SUP.

The Bullet has won Best Overall Board and Best All-Around Board at the SUPConnect Awards. It has won accolades from Men’s Health and Outside Magazine, to mention two. But most importantly, it has won the hearts and minds of paddlers around the world that have come to appreciate, trust, and love the Bullet’s versatile performance.

Spec of the SIC Bullet SUP Board


The RS Air-Glide mirrors its dimensions from the award winning RS composite boards, which have now been adopted and translated into the RS Air-Glide geometry.

These boards continue to deliver the best in displacement, all-water, multidiscipline inflatables. These are the most competitive (and fun) performance fitness, touring and race boards on the market.

SIC’s materials selection, shapes, and construction deliver top performance.

SIC RS Air-Glide SUP Board

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